Silver-plated copper Commemoration of Federation Medallion marked "Commemoration of Federation 1 Jan 1909"

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3cm diameter. Medallion, silver plated copper with ring, marked "Commemoration of Federation 1 Jan 1909" on one side, other side unreadable, rusted & pitted

This object was discovered during an archaeological excavation of Aird Street Parramatta, prior to building works to extend Westfield Shopping Centre. Originally swamp land and then used for farming, the Aird Street site was then used for residential and business purposes (largely brickworks). It was first laid out c1810 with dwellings shown on the 1823 map of Parramatta. Objects from this excavation include some early Colonial artefacts but most finds were domestic objects and building materials from the second half of the 19th century. These included buttons, pins, thimbles, plates, leather, fabric, coins and bricks. James Smith Joseph Curtis, James Howarth and Martin Sweeney are people associated with this area.
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