Notice of the Sale or Transfer of Ratable Land, Granville Municipal Council: Form numbers 500-1000

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Jun 1928-Dec 1928
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Under Section 144, sub-section 10, of the Local Government Act No. 56, 1906 "when the owner sells any rateable land he shall give the prescribed notice of such sale, and shall, until such notice is so given, continue to be liable for rates and interest thereon accruing due in respect of such land as if he were still the owner thereof." Section 163 of the new 1919 Local Government Act, required a rateable person, trustee executor, administrator, or mortgagee to inform council within one month of the transfer of land ownership. The standard form contains the name of the owner; the owner’s address; location of the property; measurements; purchase price; date of sale; and name and address of purchaser.
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