Parramatta City Council Alderman of 1973 Group photo print.

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11 Sep 1973
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Taken by Bill Barker. Photo print has a stamp at the front "Proof only" and another stamp at the back "Elton Ward commercial & industrial Photographers 85-87 Argyle St., Parramatta N.S.W., Australia, 2150 Phone 6355722, Ref: 337013-10"

Top Row (left to right: Mr. A. J. Klein (City Treasurer), Alderman J. T. Dougall, ALderman H. J. Rogers, Alderman J. F. Pike, Alderman L. S. Despoges, Alderman S. C. Dickson, Mr. R. L. Veale (Deputy City Engineer), Mr. E. Simms (Pools Superintendent), Mr. K. H. Willis (Town Clerk)
Middle Row (Left to right) Alderman B. E. Jacobs, Mr. R. G. Muddle (Deputy Town Clerk), Mr. P. H. Thompson (City Health Surveyor), Alderman D. L. Rouse, Mrs K. Birtles (Mayor's Secretary), Alderman H. J. Hay, Alderman L. C. Herbert, Alderman J. C. Marsh, ALderman B. R. A. Wood, Alderman L. K. H. Crewes
Front Row (left to right), Alderman A. D. Welsh, Alderman R. J. Norford, Alderman T. P. Collins (Deputy Mayor), ALderman B. C. Wilde (His Worship the Mayor), Alderman K. J. McKinnon, ALderman F. B. Ryan, Alderman R. W. Van Nooten
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