HMAS Parramatta Material - Service of Paul Lewis Clark

1. Paul Lewis Clark
2. Christopher Nelson
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This series comprises photographs, documents, correspondence and ephemera relating to Mr Paul Lewis Clark, who served in the Royal Australian Navy from 1958 to 1968. Mr Clark served as an engineer on the HMAS Parramatta during his naval career (1965-67). The material includes Certificates of Service (1958-1968); group photograph of the crew of HMAS Parramatta in Itsukushima, Japan (c.1960s); a portrait of Mr Clark in Naval uniform (c.1960s); a photograph of Mr Clarke wearing his medals (c.2000s); Navy examination results (c.1960s); correspondence regarding service and medals (1990s); newspaper clipping "Parramatta in the Far East" featuring HMAS Parramatta Rugby team, including Mr Taylor (undated, c.1960s) and a set of six full size and miniature service medals of Paul Lewis Clark.
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07 Jul 2020
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