Royal NSW Lancers commemoration flag - Right of Freedom of Entry

Royal New South Wales Lancers Association
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Silk commemoration flag with pale grey and pink background, incorporating the City of Parramatta and Royal NSW Lancers crests in the centre and a lance bearing the RNSW Lancers’ red and white pennon in the background, edged with gold fringing. The flag is mounted in a black frame. Under the flag is a gold Rising Sun Badge (The Australian Army); a silver Royal NSW Lancers badge (Carrington Crest - elephant’s head, coronet and crossed lances with red and white pennons); a blue and white Regimental Colour Patch (which was usually worn on each shoulder of the Lancer’s uniform); and a plaque reading:

"Presented to Parramatta City Council in appreciation of the continued support given to 1st 15th Royal New South Wales Lancers.

This flag was presented by Mayor Alderman A.R.C Thomas on 06 March 1960 to commemorate the granting of the "Right of Freedom of Entry" presented to the Regt in 1959 on behalf of the City of Parramatta.

A new flag was presented to 1st 15th RNSWL 19 Aug 2014."

For history of the Right of Freedom of Entry event, visit
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12 Nov 2020
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