M Tooth Crosscut Saw

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Very large saw blade with 'M' style teeth and cylindrical wooden handles.

The saw was owned by George Louie Gay (1870 - 1946). With a laborer, the M tooth saw was used to cut down trees on the 25 acres to establish the first rural farm outside Parramatta in South Granville. It was used to cut down trees to prepare the land to grow vegetables - stumps were pulled out by a draft horse and laborer.

George Louie Gay was born in Dootoe Village, Shekki, China and lived in South Granville. He was a farmer. The saw was passsed down the family line and kept with George's grandson, Albert. The Gay family owned the Panda and Blue Dragon restaurants - the saw was used to cut birthday cakes at the restaurants.

A crosscut saw is designed to cut wood perpendicular to the wood grain. The M tooth pattern was developed in 15th Century south Germany. Each tooth both cuts the wood and clears out the shavings.
metal, timber
Length inc. handles 178cm
width of blade 16cm
witdh inc. handles 40xm
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24 Mar 2021
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