Register of Building Applications and Indexes to the Register of Building Applications

1. Parramatta City Council
2. Granville Municipal Council
3. Dundas Municipal Council
4. Parramatta City Council
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This series comprises both Indexes to Registers of Building Applications and Registers of Building Applications.

The indexes are arranged into separate volumes by ward until 1968 when they are then merged into one volume and arranged by ward. In 1992, separate volumes for each ward appear to be used again.

The content of the indexes varies slightly but most show application number; date received; receipt number; amount; estimated cost; street number; lot number; assessment number; locality; owner's name and address; builder's name and address; type of building; date plans returned and whether approved. Applications in the indexes use: blue for dwellings, flats, home units; red for additions, carports, garages, factories.

These records are original and have been digitised.
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