Parramatta Trust

Date of birth
Jun 1963
Date of death
Place of birth
Parramatta/New South Wales/Australia
Place of death
Parramatta/New South Wales/Australia
The Parramatta Trust was formed in June 1963, on the initative of the Parramatta Chambre of Commerce. According to the constitution of the Parramatta Trust its main objectives were to preserve the exisiting character and natural beauty of the historic buildings, sites and landmarks in Parramatta and district as classified by the National Trust. The Trust held public meetings, exhibitions, lectures, disseminated information, erected plaques and fostered interest in cultural activities to achieve its objectives. It became involved in campaigns involving the Cumberland Oval/Parramatta Stadium controversy. In 1992 the Trust notified Parramatta City Council of its intention to wind up its operations, citing a lack of active members and the roster for the Tudour Gatehouse becoming unstainable. As part of the winding up The Trust resolved that copies of the Houison photos, 59 art boards of the Women of Parramatta exhibition, and The Trusts records be donated to Parramatta City Council.


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