Parramatta Musical Comedy Company

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Parramatta/New South Wales/Australia
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The Parramatta Musical Comedy Company (hereafter P.M.C.C) was founded in 1950 by Ila Brown and her father, Arthur Brown. Initially, Mr Brown was the President while Ms Brown was the Honorary Secretary. Ms Brown later on became the company’s President and was also cast in lead roles in the company’s plays such as “Die Fledermaus” in 1981. In its constitution, the P.M.C.C described its aims as being two-fold: to assist the cultural development of the district and, to aid local charities. The P.M.C.C contributed towards the cultural development of Parramatta, through staging three major musical shows per year, which were generally held at the Parramatta Town Hall. The organisation also staged concerts for charities, operatics revues and annual pantomimes. Some of the beneficiaries of the P.M.C.C included: The Royal NSW Institute of Deaf and Blind, the Parramatta Regional Missions Couples and Friends Club, Lifeline Parramatta and Burnside. The P.M.C.C’s records from the 1980s indicate financial struggle, and it received financial assistance from external sources such as a grant from the Parramatta Council in 1983. The records were donated by Mrs Judith Hodgson and the latest records available at the Archives date to July 1984. The fate of the organisation could not be ascertained, but currently no organisation by this name is registered on the Australian Business Register.


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